Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Remodel 2010 in the final stretch! least for now, lol :)

We have been flying along at a frightening pace! Well, not really...but its getting done! The kitchen is so close to being done I can taste it. And it is....GORGEOUS! The counter and the sink with the backsplash...I am giddy :) The entry way is wonderful, the new paint colors are so earthy and warm...we have FINALLY made this house our home! Even more exciting to me? Hubby likes the idea of RED for our greatroom! Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE rooms that are red! I had a red kitchen in our old house and though my hubby and brother wanted to string me up by my feet for picking such a color, it was amazing when it was done. I am SO excited to get that color! We also decided on a warm brown for the downstairs office, which I also love. Then I will be DONE with all the major projects for this year. There are still some smaller projects like the playroom/schoolroom floor, bathroom floor upstairs and down and replacing the office carpet and Lilly's carpet with something...not carpet but those things need to be budgeted in so it will have to wait. Actually we have the flooring for the bathrooms thanks to my friend Char who gave us her leftover tile and laminate! :)

Oh, did I say the major projects were done? Yeah...the INSIDE projects are done. This week the wood comes for the deck, we have numerous HUGE trees that need to come down and be split before the snow flies, plus other yard clearing...sigh. :)

I ended up shampooing all the rugs in the house yesterday (have I ever mentioned how much love capet and I do NOT share?) and they were nasty! I am embarassed! Even with my Dyson, the rugs were bad. Part of it is we heat with wood and pellets and soot is bound to get everywhere. Guess this should be a once a year thing until the rugs are gone. Haven't done it in 3 years so I shouldn't be surprised. But, they look great now! I just wish there was a less chemically way to clean them...the chemical smell KILLZ me. Oh, the headache, the nausea...even today, despite leaving fans running, I can still smell it. Blech. But, they are clean and look great.

Today is a major cleaning day, as my SIL will be here Wednesday! I need to set up her room, as well as put away some of our remodeling things we no longer need. Hubby is going to finish up the kitchen tonite, as he still needs to grout the tile. It should be cured and ready to use by the time she gets here. I promise I will post a virtual tour once things are put back together :)

If cleaning goes well, I am going out to get my fall planting in the garden. Saturday I mowed the lawn and did all my major weeding that was overdue, so now I can get the last round of seeds in. I have a ton of laundry to do so I will have plenty of water to tend to them for their first week or so. I have some tomatoes that need to be picked and I ended up having to pull up about half of my potatoes as the plants got attacked by those damn orange little beetles. Potato Kugul on the menu tonite and mashed potatos later in the week, some of which I will probably freeze. Unfortunately, I have no way to store the spuds long term, as we have a moisture problem in the basement, so my cold storage plan is out...for now.

Later this week I am hoping to take my SIL apple picking with the kids then it will be all about apple preservation! I need to head to Agway to get a canner, as I picked up some more pint jars for a steal to make apple and peach preserves, apple and pumpkin butter and I have some quart jars for sauce, though I will need to get more toms than I have to do that. Need to hit the Farmer's MArket this week!

In chicken news...the chicken *goddesses* say that 2 roos are not a problem! If they are fine now, they will be fine. Yay! I did not want to part with beautiful Mr MM aka fancypants. They are all coexisting beautifully and I am thrilled. Plus, they are darn quiet roosters! Mr MM is SUCH a good roo also, he takes wonderful care of his posse, something mean ol' Mr Roo never did. Sam is great with his little posse as well, and really looks out for sweet, (slow) Angel Cookie.

We start school this plan is to do a month of reviewing, and gradually increase our work load. We took the summer off for camp, so they hae been out of practice. The kids are excited to start, and my plan is to do 2 hours or so a day then go up to our normal 4. That's 4 hours of structured happens all the time 'round here :) Sent my LOI's in this morning...oops. Way to drop the ball on that one! They are still young enough that not much changes year to year except their activities. What we study is pretty much the same, just different variations thereof.

Well, once again my to-do list is a mile long so off I go to tackle it!

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