Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Y'all know how I feel about them. There is NO love shared. I spent an ungodly amount of money on root canals earlier this year. After which, I was supposed to go have 'post build-ups' done, which I told them would not happen as I was completely out of dollars, and insurance. My original dentist refused to work with me on a procedure by procedure basis, as he wanted me to agree to a treatment 'plan' to the tune of 14K which I had to start paying upon agreeing to it. Uh, yeah. So, nothing has been done. Well, one of my temporary fillings wore out...the ones that are only good for 6 weeks...I was told by my root canal peep that I needed to get these dealt with or I was risking not only the teeth, but all the money I spent. I explained my tale of woe and se refered me to a new dentist.

Let me tell you...this guy and his gals are AWESOME. Not only is he about 5 minutes from my house, he was totally willing to work with me, not over treat, works FAST so my nervous insanity does not get me in a twist(they don't do nitrous, though they will do oral sedation). So, I go in and he tells me the root canals are not going to hold up as my teeth are so bad...he said he would just do the worst teeth, I could pay what I could(excuse me???) and work out something to pay the rest when I could(insert faint here) Not only than, but since he is a preferred dentist through my insurance, I get a reduced rate! So, I was able to get 3 teeth done yesterday, and I will get the other 2 done on tuesday. He said I did NOT need to get crowns right away and to not worry about it. When my inurance comes up again in January, he said we could figure out what was the most important to do and go from there as the 'build-up' was what was crucial, not the crowns, etc. Did I mention I LOVE this guy? (and he isn't too hard on the eyes, either) Absolutely awesome. He even gave me novicaine before he started, despite the fact there are NO nerves in my teeth anyways, lol, just so I would feel ok about it. So, now I will actually be able to CHEW with my back teeth. Nice.

In other news...
We are in the final stretch of camp. The kids have LOVED it and I am so glad we sent them. They have had some great social experiences, made some friends and had some positive away-from-mommy time. AND, we found a local babysitter! One of the camp councelors is now our new teen babysitter. The kids really like her, and LILLY likes her, which is really what its all about. Lilly is very fussy about who stays with her when Hubby and I are not here. She really loves M, and I am quite happy with her as well. Her first time here was yesterday while I went to the dentist and it went well. She is going to watch the kids on Sunday as well, while Hubby and I go work for Miss R. Though, Hubby and I typically do not go on dates, I suggested that maybe we should now that we have a sitter ;) Its not that we don't like each other, lol, its just that we do like our kids and typically do things as a family or individually. I said even to go for a motorcycle ride would be pretty nice... :)

Blueberry Hill is DONE! Oy, what an ordeal that is. There is still plenty of yard to deal with, trees that need to come down, etc but at least the hill is done and the blueberries are MUCH easier to get to :)

I am in the process of prepping Max's room to paint. Poor kid has had a half done room forever now, and I decided to finish it before my downstairs projects get underway. I am hoping to finish painting today. Then I move on to the foyer and LR. Then...the floors. Oh, the floors. We ripped up our fun shag carpet(barf) and were left with subfloor. We had thought of doing some sort of laminate flooring but...$$$...so we started thinking of options. I said lets paint the floor. So, Hubby is sealing the wood, then painting a coat of grey deck paint(I think) Then, I am going to stencil the floor. Originally, I was going to faux paint it to look like marble, and on a whim I stenciled a patch of brick and Hubby was totally in love with it. So, brick it is! I think it will look amazing and am SO excited to see it finished. So instead of thousands of dollars for a floor, we will spend $150 tops. NICE. We are going to do a faux finish in the school room, and continue the tile from the kitchen into the pantry. We will possibly do a laminate floor in Lilly's room and the office if we see a good sale, and hopefully that will carry us through for a while. Originally, our plan was to do flooring next year, but since we are painting we may hold off for a few years and do all the electrical stuff next year(lighting, also stuck in the 70's...sigh) We still have to deal with the roof...and Hubby has started getting ready to attack the deck. By fall, I am hoping I will have a *new* kitchen, pantry, floors and walls :) Should look pretty darn good!

My sewing room and office are plans in my mind for now, lol, but oh the plans I have. I am excited to get started, but know I need to wait until I get these other projects done. I have quite the list for fall though...should be a very interesting time!

Well, kiddos have eaten and are ready for camp so off I go.... :)

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