Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rainy Day Alert

I don't remember rain in the forcast for today but rain we've got. Makes for a good indoor project day :) Glad it didn't rain yesterday as some friends of ours throw this HUGE bash on their farm and though it has rained in the past, its alot more fun if it doesn't. Got to see some friends and talk (and talk, and, it was AWESOME!) and the kids got to run themselves into the ground. Good food, good music and a good time :) I also learned some amazing things about gardening that I can't WAIT to try! Watch out next year's garden...

With the floor and walls being done in the LR, we have mostly put things back together. I am moving on to the pantry, and Hubby is moving into the entryway. He is tiling the entry, and I am pseudo tiling the pantry :) The kitchen is an all weekend project and since we didn't have all weekend, it will have to wait until NEXT weekend. I am getting anxious, to say the least. It is going to be so gorgeous I just can't wait!

So, I will have pantry tiling duty, followed by finish-painting-the-pantry duty. Some time this evening, I have 4 zuichinni's the size of my CALF to process and freeze for later useage. Then I am going to rewire an old lamp (hopefully) move a couch or 2 and be MOSTLY done with the least until after the deck project is done. :)

This week my plans are to paint the upstairs hall, and shampoo the carpets. I am VERY hopefull I will get out into the garden for a bit as well, to get my fall greens in. I can also see TONS of tomatoes that need picking and freezing until I can get ot canning them. I may do the same with the peaches I am getting and maybe can while my SIL is here with her baby :) SQUEEE! I am going to get me some baby-head-sniffing love that week! Sewing shoudl occur at some point as well...or maybe I will wait until my Grandma's machine gets here...a Bernina...oh yeah, you know it! Its an older model but who cares! It will be so much better than anything I have used thus far. It will surely get put to good use.

Hopefully I will squeeze in a run this afternoon too...I love to run in the rain...and it is certianly raining right now!

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