Eclectic Homeschooling

We do what I call 'eclectic homeschooling'...which, basically means I tailor our curriculum to the needs/likes of each child individually. I follow the basic requirements of each grade, but take into account each child and their needs, struggles, etc.

JD has a learning disorder with reading/phonics/etc as do many kids on the spectrum so he is still learning to read. In order for him not to fall behind in everything that requires reading, we do his schoolwork orally. His writing is also behind (another ASD trait) but he is working on that as well. He is incredible at math and I try to keep him challenged in that area. He loves history, science, and all things non-fiction and we do a lot of reading on all of those subjects.

Lilly is having some trouble with math, but does very well with writing, sounding out words, etc. She is coming along with her reading as well. She loves poetry, art, history and biographies. She also enjoys learning about nature and animals.

Max has been 'doing school' even though I do not require the kids sit down and do anything formal until age 6. He wanted to start last year so he has been doing basic abc/123 type work, along with some other K and grade 1 prep things that he likes.

I firmly believe that there are many developmental things that need to occur before kids are naturally ready(and inclined) to master certian 'school skills'. It is hard to trust the process and allow the kids to develop at their own rate but I do believe that as they do, they will learn at a much faster rate. This is part of why I do not require the kids to sit down and actively participate in *school* until age 6. This does not mean they are not engaged in learning experiences, it means they are not sitting working on *work*. I feel it is more important at that age to play, imagine, run, experience and develop.

Here are some of my favorite links. Some of these sites require membership, but it is well worth it imo, as there are lots of lesson ideas, print-outs, and project ideas. I use all these sites at least a few times during the year, but definitely some more than others. -search for birds by song and description awesome classical music program lots of articles and helpful information if I were to follow a curriculum, it would be this one. I loosely use this method. I simply love her philosophy. neat site with some cool things/ideas crafts, crafts and more crafts TONS of ideas, worksheets and curriculum ideas another one, great stuff science projects site with lots of educational games to play online activities for the whole family Charlotte Mason official site, complete with free curriculum guide for K-12 more craft, coloring, and games nature and green craft ideas more Charlotte Mason cannot say enough about these books! We own a bunch of them and they are great math stories! we use this site...alot. encyclopedias, etc online frogs. More than you ever wanted to know.

I will add to this from time to time :) If you have a great link you want to share, let me know and I will post it!

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