Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall is in the air...

I love it. Fall is my favorite season and I look forward to it every year. Cool, crisp air...amazing colors, the rustling of the leaves...Squeee!!!

But for now, there are other things on the agenda. :)

The brick floor project is juuuuust about done. LR and DR have been painted. Hopefully Hubby can start on the kitchen tomorrow...counter, sink and range hood plus moving up our old but new dishwasher. I need to do some major cleaning up this morning and touch ups in the paint dept.

Spent a little time in the garden yesterday...weeded, and admired our compost tomatoes :) I love that I have several glorious looking tomato plants growing out of our piles! More tomaotes to can! I also stopped and met one of our neighbors up the street on my run yesterday. A nice man with awesome fruit trees in his yard. We are bartering...a dozen eggs for a bucket of peaches :) I will get more peaches from my next-door neighbor, but I am happy to get some more before then as hers won't be due to pick until Sept. Now, if I could just get my girls to lay some eggs! Really, 11 hens and 3-5 eggs a day ain't workin' for me. Granted, 3 of those hens are too young to lay, but the other 8 aren't! For a while it was the heat, and now...I don't know. They aren't laying anywhere else as we check the yard, I don't know. They sure make a heck of alot of racket out there ACTING like they are laying eggs...I guess I am going to have to have a chat with the girls when I am out there today... :)

Speaking of chickens...we are still living with 2 roosters. Not sure what to do. Mr MM doesn't crow much, is quite timid and the girls chase him! Sam is more *manly* and he is a peanut, lol. I will have to check with those in the know and see if its possible to keep them together. I hate to let him go...

Well...time to get at it. We have a party to go to this afternoon so I need to get my *work* done this morning. :)

CHeck back for the agenda for the week tomorrow!

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