Saturday, August 7, 2010

Update from the Mountain

Tomatoes are starting to ripen, much to my glee :) I have been waiting very patiently to have my own tomatoes and they are finally coming along. We are getting a few cukes here and there still, zuichinnis, and multiple squash-family plants with lots of flowers and not much else. The potatoes are amazing, and I am still getting plenty of greens, and will be planting a fall crop as well, possibly this week. Blackberries and wild blueberries are still around, and if we get them before the chickens... :)

Speaking of chickens...
I think everyone should own chickens. A thought shared by most of my neighbors as I am noticing more and more people in my 'neighborhood' are getting them. 2 more neighbors now have some chickens roaming around their yard. I love it. Many people have gardens, and now the chickens...I am happy to see it knowing people are doing what they can to support themselves...regardless on how small a scale. Makes me rethink goats for milk, thinking I could sell the extra in the neighborhood... :) Not this year, lol...

So, back to the chickens...We had a little scare with Angel Cookie yesterday. She is...hmmm...sort of slow. Developmentally delayed, if you will. Fragile. So, yesterday morning she was acting less than herself. She wouldn't come out of the coop, and when she did she would take a few steps and sit down. Not normal chicken behavior, but even for her this was odd. Of course, she is my favorite (its all about the saving for me...sigh) and Lilly's as well, so this was NOT good. I searched the chicken forums and found nothing to speak of. Luckily for me, she did perk up as the day went on, and today she is back to her normal, albeit slow, self. I have been spending a lot of time watching the chickens and I must say...they are hilarious. Now that they are all living in the same house, they run in a chicken posse...except for the 'babies', who aren't ACTUALLY babies, lol. Sam the Roo is crowing...if you'd call it that. He isn't loud(thankfully) and he doesn't crow like an insane chicken the way Mr. Roo did. He and Angel Cookie are SO sweet together...if she doesn't see him she calls for him and he comes. They are incredibly cute together. Now that they are a posse, when I come outside into the yard and call I have 13 chickens running at me and following me around until they determine whether or not I have some treats. :) They are a funny bunch. I always thought the people who said they would sit and watch their birds were a little tapped, but really is very soothing and really almost meditative. :)

Hubby and JD are off on a bike ride this morning and then Hubby is off to do some yard work at the old house. My plan is to get some painting done today and then tomorrow afternoon I will be doing some woods clearing. My to-do list is dwindling which is good as the super-sekrit-squirrel projects are percolating somethin' fierce and every time I pass my almost-set-up office I get giddy! There will be creative endeavors, spiritual projects, writing projects and a website...I can't wait! :)

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