Monday, August 23, 2010

Zuichinni bread in the oven with a HUGE spaghetti squash that noone but me will eat :) I had grandiose plans for baking this morning until I realized I was out of sugar, baking powder and a few other necessities. Ah, well. I pureed some tomatoes to freeze until I can get to sauce making, and also stocked the freezer with rediculous amounts of zuichinni! After a short stuff-my-face-fest (with...wait for it...zuichinni, lol) I am off to paint the hall upstairs.

But first a few things to share...

We made a window seat space by the HUGE windows in our living room and I LOVE IT! It is my new space.

Its cold out and I have eleventy billion candles lit. I also love this.

Home Depot, which is the bane of my existance, carries these GREAT mop thingies. They are those mop-plus-cleaner-in-one deals...without the cleaner! I have always loved those mop/cleaner in one things, but don't like the cleaner. With a housefull of chemical sensitives, store cleaner is NOT made of win. So, I used to bust those old ones and put my own cleaner in. Well, now I don't have to, it COMES EMPTY!!! WooHoo! It also has velcro, perfect for using my own pads as to not have to purchase more. I use old rags, which work both for dust AND cleaning! Yay :)

ok, my spaghetti squash is done...maybe I need to eat a little to test it before I paint... ;)

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  1. Give me the name of this new miracle of cleanliness. I was just on the verge of reusing one of the bottles that came with the original mop. Their mopping cleaner always leves a film.