Monday, August 9, 2010

What's on the Horizon...

Home Improvements:
So, the latest project on the to-do list involves killing many brain cells in a rapid fashion. :) Oil based Killz is made of evil...but dayum, it works. Spray paint is equally brain-cell-reducing so I figure when the floor is done I will have an IQ of 14. Ah, well. The floor will look great! I am pretty happy with the brick stencil process so far, it looks great and will do us well for some time until we have the funds to lay a floor. In the mean time, the subfloor is sealed nicely, removing the possibility of any water/kid-spillage/cat piss damage. I am liking this. I am taking a break from frying my brain as my stencil is quite gummy and I tend to forget to eat when I am heavily involved in projects. So, breathing fresh air and drinking a HUGE pineapple, blueberry, banana, mango smoothie...and eatin' some dates.

I am going to go right into painting the walls in the dining/living room/foyer area since we have everything moved out of there will just make it easier. The pantry has moved up the list since we are going to put the second fridge in there we decided to do the floor first, then I will paint the walls. We are just going to continue the tile from the kitchen into the pantry/laundry. We also have enough laminate flooring (free score from a friend!) to do the bathroom floor! That will be painted as well. Right now it is a neon baby-puke green. Eh, I don't love it. Since it is the *guest bath* I am thinking something more neutral, actually. There will be plenty of color throughout the house so I am thinging of an off-white with some sort of border/stencil/ wallies type thing.

Creative Endeavors:
I seriously get giddy every time I pass my *office* knowing that all my crafty stuff is in there just WAITING for me to come in and get my groove on. I will be making Spirit Jewelry, Woodland Creatures and their Homes, doing some Energy Painting, maybe some glass work...I am percolating for sure. I am formulating a plan for a website, and I have looked into Etsy but Etsy is so HUGE that I feel I will get lost there. I did not find ANYONE doing Woodland Creatures, or the paintings I do so that is a plus! I am going to most likely do the RootsFest at the health food store in September, as I am still hoping to pursue my health/raw food passion as well...

Good golly, I love my kiddos :) As much as some days they make me batty, they are SO amazing. I am so proud of them and thrilled at the way they take care of each other at Camp. Even the counselors have told me they will get together at 'critical' times of changing activities, etc. Yay :). JD has done REALLY well, he has told me he has made friends, tells me about his friends and seems really happy. Happy! He still has his moments, but I love to see him excited and HAPPY. He has been very passionate about his bike riding, and so far has done several rides with Hubby and the Bike Shop group. He is loving it, and I am so proud of him for hanging in there and doing the training!

Lilly did Karate at camp, and it has renewed her desire to do Karate. We are going to check into the local place. I was all set to be done with Karate, btu she is SO good at it and she loves it so...Karate it is :). She is also playing soccer this fall which she is SUPER excited about! She is just such an amazing little girl. She has empathy beyond her years. She seems to be getting less and less dramatic, and more and more insightful. She can be a stinker for sure, but she melts my heart with her love and empathy for other people and animals...and Max...omg, she is SO motherly and protective of him! If he is upset, she will start crying too and hug him and get all his 'comfort items'...She is something special...I can feel that *something* in her that I had as a child. Course, I had to hide it...she does not :)

Max is still my monkey boy. He is freaking unbelievably smart. Its scarey sometimes! He wants to do soccer as well, and is all excited too. He is amazingly in touch with his emotions. It blows me away as a)he is 5 and b) he is a boy. Not tht boys can't be emo, but for a 5yo boy to be able to say EXACTLY what he feels and if he doesn't know what he is feeling be able to articulate that as well...pretty darn cool. Beyond that, he is All.Boy. He is really coming into who he is. I love it. I also love that he is still my snuggle buddy...:)

Also on the kid front...we have found not one, but TWO babysitters! 2 high school kids who are currently camp counselors where the kids go to camp. GREAT kids from a big family that live 5 minutes from our house. JOY! Even better? They are brother and sister :) We have tried them both out and they are both super. I can't wait to use them once in a while to, oh, I don't know...go out with my Hubby! :) Not often, but it would be really nice to take a motorcycle ride, or go out on his/my B-day or something...Just to have someone I could call if I need to go to Miss R's and Hubby is going to be late, or to go see some music that may run later than we would want to bring the kids...Mostly we LIKE to bring the kids with us, we rather enjoy our kiddos. But, once in a would be nice to go somewhere alone and know they are having fun and the kids LOVE both of these teens. They have 5 kids in their family and are very active which is good as my kids do.not.stop. :) Sweet.

School starts for us next week as this is the last week of camp. We are going to hit the new coop we joined (finally) which I have very high hopes for. I have had numerous personal emails from moms in the group, plus they seem very normal and drama free on their site which is FANFREAKINGTASTIC!!! There are lots of kids my kiddos ages and slightly older which is perfect, and there seems to be a good mix of boys AND girls. Plus we already know one family that may be there so its not as if we are newbies knowing no one :) I will post my Letters of Intent over on the Homeschool page once I get them revised and map out what I want to do this year.

Well...I think that about covers it. I will get more sorted out here in this ol' blog as things settle in for the fall so stay tuned for all the goodies to come!!!

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