Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gettin' it done...

Phew. I have been working on my to-do list like a woman possessed! I have a 2 page list, all of which I want to have done by September 1st. Why you ask? Well, because there are changes afoot and I plan to implement these things by then! Plus, once camp is done in 2 weeks we are back to school...we will do a couple weeks of review and then it is on to our year plan. On my list was to organize the school/playroom. I finished that yesterday. The computer station has been set up, lego area organized, art/craft area established and bookshelves full of school books, reference materials, and games...done. There is a BIG walk-in closet in this room which has been turned into my sewing room. All things sewing are now stored in this closet, with a space for me to sew as well. It is perfect as I can leave a project half-way, and not worry about having to clean it up because it is in the kids space. :) I set up my 'office' with all of my crafty things I will need to pursue my *crafty endeavors*. Again, this way I can work on projects and leave them(and shut the door) if I need to.

Carpets were ripped up, things were deep cleaned, and much sneezing occured :) I have cleared out the living room so we can paint the floor, and I can also do the school room floor. This week will be all about painting as I plan on getting the foyer and LR done, possibly the upstairs hall and *maybe* start on the floors. We will most likely be going to get the rest of our kitchen 'stuff' so we can finish that remodel project as well.

This weekend, the plan is to finish up the outdoor projects I started. I need to finish up Blueberry Hill which will take all day, I am sure. I also need to give Angel Cookie and Sam a bath, and make some alterations in the henhouse so I can move the new chickens in. I need the birthing suite for the stubborn broody girls...then I have a few plants to move, some touch up weeding and outside will be set for a while...which will allow me to do the indoor stuff. I don't want to have a bunch of indoor projects pending come fall, as I want to be outside all the time! I love fall and don't want to spend it inside :) That may be when I clear out the woods and trails, as well as the BIG project of digging a trench for the piping to divert our greywater. We have a natural seasonal creek that I am going to divert our greywater to. We do not use any chemical soaps/cleaning products so the water is basically just not potable. It will inititally just be the washing machine water, with the hopes of tying in the upstairs bathtub water. We can(and do) use this water to water the gardens but it also puts less stress on out septic system which means less pumping which saves money! Its a win/win :)

New menu on the horizon...lots coming from the garden...and fun times ahead. You would think I would learn from years past what I can grow and what I can't but...I still try :) I am a lazy gardener. I like to plant, weed, water and eat. I do not want high maintenance, I don't want to worry about fertilizing, bugs, etc. So, I usually get a good batch of tomatoes, potatoes, green and yellow squash, maybe a couple random other squashes, a few cukes and greens. Period. I will not waste the space on other things next year, that's for sure! I have all my containers at the ready to freeze tomaotes for winter, as well as some zuichinni for baking. My greens I have been picking and freezing for smoothies and will plant 2 more rows of greens for a late summer/fall crop. I was able to freeze enough greens last year to make it until May of this year! Awesome.

Well, I am off to update other areas of my site! Watch for recipes, tips on green living and sneak peeks of some future craftiness...

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