Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Nephew is here.

Therefor, all things life in general are on hold so that I can simply smell his head. For realz. He is so dagum cute I cannot be bothered with anything else. I get to hold him, sing to him, snuggle him...and though I have had a few moments of ovary ache, I have been ok. I would have continued to procreate until I could rival the Duggar's (minus the tater-tot cassarole...that's just not right)but Hubby saw to it that we would not go there :). So, 3 kiddos it is. And, I must say that though I do love giving birth and all things baby, I am pretty happy to be where I am wrt to kid rearing.

So now, I patiently wait while other's in my family get to doing their own birthing of babies so I can get my baby-squee on. Note to nephews...get on it. Time's a wastin'...

Just look at how cute my Ben is!

Yeah, those other kids are cute too. ;) There are no pis of Lilly and Ben as I keep missing the fabulous opportunities of cuteness. I will get some though, as Lilly simply cannot get enough of her cousin. Takes after her mother when it comes to babies...

In other goings-ons...and there are some...Fall is decending upon us which means my garden is starting to fall apart. Eh, that's ok. I m bound and determined to get my fall greens planted this weekend, as well as cover the part of the garden that will not be in use anymore. Most of my tomato plants are on their last legs, with the exception of the plants growing out of my compost pile...they look GORGEOUS and I really hope the tomatoes have a chance to turn red as they look wondeful. I have a good 30+ pounds of tomatoes to make sauce with today, and I also have at least 40lbs of peaches to make preserves thanks to my neighbor, who let us pick all her peaches fo' free. I am going to give her some blueberry preserves, and eggs for now and maybe take her some peach preserves later. I also need to get Hubby to make some modifications on the chicken coop before winter. Seems early to be thinking of this but we had snow in October last year so...we need to winterize and figure out how we are going to light the coop. I am thinking solar as it would be tough to get electricity out to the coop without a lot of hassle and expense. Its on the Honey-do list...
I am so happy with my new-to-me kitchen. There are still some things to come but yay, the counters, sink, and dishwasher are done. I am going to do the 'big room' and the office over the next week or so and then, for the most part, the downstairs projects I can do will be done. Well, except for the floors, curtains, etc.... :)
Well, I must be off for my run...Hubby is going on an all-day motorcycle ride so I need to get my run on before he leaves. Yep, I am running again. Nothing too crazy, but the antiviral is starting to make a dent in my symptoms and I am feeling remnants of me filtering back in. This is a good thing :)

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